Science! How to use 75% alcohol and 84 disinfectant

During the new coronavirus, if we want to disinfect our home, we can use alcohol (75% concentration) or 84 disinfectant. Today, we will bring you 84 disinfectant and medical alcohol usage

Science! How to use 75% alcohol and 84 disinfectant

PART 1: How to use 84 disinfectant

Wear gloves and masks when cleaning first to avoid direct contact. In addition, when cleaning the surface of general objects, the ratio with water (cold water) is 1: 100, the disinfection time is about 20 minutes, and it must be washed with clean water after wiping, spraying, mopping and disinfecting.
When washing white fabric with 84, the concentration should be low, generally 1: 160. After the ratio is good, put the clothes in water. Never put the 84 disinfectant directly on the clothes or wash the colored clothes with 84 disinfectant. Soak time It should not be too long, just 20 minutes, and it should be rinsed with clean water many times after soaking and disinfection.
As for deodorization and disinfection, clean the sewer pipes, kitchen sinks, ditches, trash cans, etc., you can directly pour two bottles of 84 disinfectant stock solution or spray the stock solution on the surface of the item, and then rinse with clean water after 10 minutes. Many people neglected the step of clearing the water twice, which caused the irritating smell in 84 to stimulate the respiratory tract and cause damage to the human body.
When cleaning contaminated items in the hospital, the ratio is 1:50, and the disinfection time is as long as 30 minutes. After immersing, spraying and disinfecting, wash with water again 1-2 times, wash and dry. 84 Disinfectant will remain on the surface of the object after use, and volatilize into the air. Its irritating odor will stimulate the human respiratory tract. The chlorine in it will also pollute the water source, increasing the risk of carcinogenic and teratogenic and causing harm to the human body. Therefore, when the hospital cleans the ground and handrails with 84 disinfectant diluent, it should be wiped with clean water twice to prevent the residues from damaging the human body.
After using 84 disinfectant solution, pay attention to opening the window to ventilate, so that the air circulation can dissipate the residual irritating smell as soon as possible. After cleaning the utensils and supplies, it is best to dry in the sun for a while.

84 Consequences of improper use of disinfectant

If the family does not perform the second cleaning and ventilation after using the 84 disinfectant, then after inhaling the gas volatilized from the 84 disinfectant, the body may show symptoms such as coughing, chest tightness, and difficulty breathing. At this time, the patient should be quickly transferred to a place with fresh air to keep the patient's airway clear, and then contact the doctor immediately.
There is a news that Ms. Wang poured the toilet cleaner and 84 disinfectant into the toilet when cleaning the toilet. After a period of cleaning, she fainted and was sent to the hospital for rescue.
Just cleaning the toilet, why would it cause such serious consequences? Because the composition of Jielingling contains hydrochloric acid, the main component of 84 disinfectant is sodium hypochlorite, and a chemical reaction will occur when the two are mixed, producing toxic chlorine gas. Chlorine gas invades the human body through the respiratory tract and dissolves in the water contained in the mucous membranes, generating hypochlorous acid and hydrochloric acid, causing damage to the upper respiratory tract mucosa. Puffiness, a large amount of mucus secretion, causing difficulty in breathing.

Other precautions for using 84 disinfectant

Therefore, everyone should remember not to mix 84 disinfectant with acidic cleaning products. When you do n’t know the composition of the product, only use one cleaning product at a time to ensure that no chemical reaction will occur and harm the human body.
When cleaning fruits and vegetables, try not to use 84 disinfectant for cleaning, so as to avoid the incomplete cleaning causing the residue of 84 disinfectant to cause harm to the human body.
In public places and homes, do not place 84 disinfectant in children's reach, and do not use bottles without warning signs or labels to prevent them from being swallowed by others.
If you take 84 disinfectant by mistake, you can drink pure milk or egg white to protect the gastric mucosa, and then pay attention to symptomatic treatment. You can use vomiting and drainage to promote the discharge of toxic substances.

PART 2: How to use medical alcohol

#New coronavirus is afraid of alcohol not tolerate high temperature #
#75% alcohol (ethanol) can effectively inactivate the virus#
But it should be noted that
Alcohol is flammable and explosive
Should not be stored or used in large quantities
Must pay attention to the fire hazard caused by alcohol

Precautions for alcohol use

1. Pay attention to indoor ventilation
When using alcohol indoors, it is necessary to ensure indoor ventilation, used cloth cleaning tools such as towels, etc. After use, use a large amount of water to clean and store in an airtight place, or dry in a ventilated place.
2. Safe use of alcohol
Before use, clean the surrounding flammable and combustible materials, and do not spray directly in the air. Alcohol has a low ignition point and is easy to spontaneously ignite in case of fire or heat. When using it, do not close to the heat source and avoid open flames. Disinfect the surface of the appliance. Turn off the power and wait for the appliance to cool. Fire source, to avoid explosion caused by alcohol volatilization. During use, the lid of the container must be closed immediately after use, and it is strictly forbidden to place it open.
3. It is not advisable to store a large amount of alcohol at home
Alcohol is a flammable and volatile liquid. When sterilizing with alcohol at home, residents can buy alcohol in small bottles. It is appropriate to use enough alcohol. Do not hoard a large amount of alcohol to avoid potential fire safety hazards.
4. Store away from light to prevent tipping and damage
Receiving, temporarily storing, and using alcohol containers must be reliably sealed, and the use of uncapped containers is strictly prohibited. It should be avoided to use glass bottles to prevent falling and damage. The remaining alcohol in the home should not be placed in a heat source environment such as a balcony or stove, or near a power outlet, wall, table corner, etc. to prevent accidental dumping. It can be stored in a cool place such as a cabinet, protected from light, and the lid should be tightly closed and labelled to avoid volatilization.
5. Keep away from children during storage
For families with young children, alcohol should be kept out of the reach of children. For older children, parents can explain the characteristics of alcohol to their children and educate them not to play with alcohol, let alone ignite it with fire.

Science! How to use 75% alcohol and 84 disinfectant(buy it)

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