How to Adjust Your Mesh Watch Strap

Our crafted mesh straps are the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. They are delicate, soft and lightweight, with a convenient length adjustment mechanism. To adjust your mesh strap, please follow the step by step instructions below.

adjust your mesh strap

STEP 1: Lift the Clasp

Insert a small flathead screwdriver or similar tool into the inner slot, and pry the locking clip up and release the clasp from the strap

STEP 2: Slide the Clasp

Slide the clasp up or down to your preferred position, align the indentation on the back of the clasp with a groove in the mesh strap

STEP 3: Secure the Clasp

Use the leverage of the screwdriver to press down the clip and lock the clasp into place

*Be careful not to damage the clip by using too much force or aligning it in such a way that it is not firmly seated in a groove in the mesh.


Pay Attention to the Grooves in the Mesh Strap:

Align slider to engraved level(Align slider to engraved level)

There are some grooves in the back side of the mesh strap aligned with the indentation on the back of the clasp to lock the clasp.
If indentation on the back of the clasp is not aligned with the grooves in the mesh strap, please release the clasp and then adjust it according to above steps.